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“Reunions” is a musical adaptation of two famous one-act plays with a common theme: lovers met by chance after many years apart. “A Sunny Morning,” based on the charming play by the Quintero Brothers, shows that hope of love springs eternal – even among septuagenarians. “The Twelve-Pound Look,” adapted from the play by James M. Barrie, is a thoroughly modern look at issues of class, a woman’s “place” and the high price of success.


“A Sunny Morning” takes place in a park in Madrid. Dona Laura is a handsome woman of seventy-five who delights in life. Don Gonzalo is an irritable 75-year old gentleman interested only in having a park bench to himself. Finding all the benches occupied, Don Gonzalo grudgingly sits next to Dona Laura. After exchanging “unpleasantries,” the two discover that they both spent time in the city of Valencia. As they share veiled memories, each comes to the realization that they had been thwarted lovers more than fifty years before. Each, believing the other is unaware of the connection, must decide whether revealing his or her true identity will kindle hope for the future or spoil the memory of the past.


“The Twelve Pound Look” is set in a London drawing room during the Downton Abbey era. Harry Sims is a nouveau riche striver who thinks he has it all - a Kensington mansion, a beautiful if browbeaten second wife Emmy, and an impending knighthood. All appears well until Harry’s first wife, Kate, arrives. Sent by a secretarial agency to answer the multitude of letters congratulating Harry on his knighthood, Kate and Harry set eyes on each other for the first time since Kate walked out on him fourteen years earlier. By the time Kate leaves this day, Harry doubts his success as a man or a husband while Emmy’s eyes are opened to the possibility of a different and better life.


Time period for both acts: 1910.  With maximum double casting, six to eight actors are needed.  There is no upper limit to cast size.   Unit set.




COMPOSER: Jimmy Calire was a member and principal writer for the legendary “Raven” a Buffalo, New York- based band that became a favorite of musicians around the country.  Later, playing keyboards and saxophone, he toured worldwide with the group “America”.  He studied composition and arranging with his mentor, Leroy Holmes, who was renowned as an arranger for Harry James and Della Reese as well as a founder of Everest Records.


Jimmy worked as musical director for the Ojai Art Center on productions including “Show Boat”, South Pacific, “My Fair Lady” “Guys & Dolls,” “ Man of La Mancha,” “Big River” and “Cabaret.” 


He has written words and music for two produced musicals - “Beggars, The Musical” based on “The Beggar’s Opera” and “A Christmas Carol.”



BOOKWRITER/LYRICIST:  Jeffrey Scharf is a playwright, bookwriter, lyricist, songwriter and screenwriter.  Produced musicals include “David Copperfield, The New Musical” which had a sold-out run at the Jewel Theatre in Santa Cruz, CA and “Reunions” (music by Jimmy Calire) produced in Ojai, CA.  His holiday show “The Three Tales (Gifts) of Christmas” was commissioned and produced by the Elite Theatre Company.  He has written book, music and lyrics for “Who’s Got Me?” which was excerpted at Musical Café’s  and was chosen as Mountain Community Theatre’s 2019 New Works production.  His “Banana Slugs Fight Song” is heard in the movie “The Baxter.”  Other works include book and lyrics for “Houdini Among the Spirits” (music by Brian Leader), the movie script “The Best Laugh” and the ten-minute plays “Postcards from the Ledge” and “M-Urgency Room.”


He is a co-writer of “Life in the Slow Lane” recorded by Roberta Donnay and “I Don’t Want to Know” recorded by Spencer Day.  


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